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Best gangster rappers

Top rap songs of all time

December 5, 2019

Will Kuhn suggests that the rhythms of “Clair de Lune” are so weird because Debussy was trying to notate rubato. That sounds plausible to me. It turns out that when you quantize the piece over beats, it sounds very syncopated and hip. Live and learn. 4. Amanda Palmer has released a new song dedicated to Puerto […]

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Best selling rap song of all time

November 23, 2019

Known as “the kiss heard round the world” during Madonna’s mashup performance of “Like a Virgin” and “Hollywood” at the 2003 VMAs, something pretty unexpected happened when all three divas were onstage together. The three-way kiss. Just look at that quick cut to Spears’ ex-boyfriend, a young Justin Timberlake, and watch his awkward reaction. Yup, […]

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National endowment for the arts grants

November 20, 2019

It turns out a lot of those Disney movies were scored by the same person, Alan Menken. Perhaps he was anticipating that this music would eventually lock inside his audience’s subconscious when he wrote it! If you’re looking for an easy way to post show information in one place and have it show up all […]

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