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Gangsta rap lyrics q2t

January 8, 2020

Print out some hard copies, go to the venue, and hang them up there (or ask the venue to do that for you). Your poster in a venue’s window maximizes your chances of reaching foot traffic and audiences from other shows. But if you’re already printing posters, why not put them up in local businesses […]

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10 hip-hop artists who released two albums in the same yearvibe · 17 hours ago

November 25, 2019

+ Pursue your dreams faster with a Soundfly Mentor! Share your musical goals with us and we’ll pair you up with a professional musician, engineer, educator, or music industry veteran who will help you achieve them in a customized four-week session. Learn how to use these scale modes and more in our harmonic theory double header courses, Unlocking the […]

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Art activism grants

November 14, 2019

I do give students my opinions on their music, during our in-class, art-school-style critique sessions (and sometimes also as timed SoundCloud comments.) I consider this subjective group critique to be the actually valuable form of feedback. As a group, we listen to each person’s assignment and then talk about it. We try to figure out: […]

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